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June 2018
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by Annette Brooks

Kelley Jensen

Kelley Sweet Photography

Do you have a wedding, graduation, or family reunion coming up, or a new  baby on the way? Would you love to capture portraits of your children or family at a moment in time? Maybe you want to document a corporate
event, need executive headshots, product pictures, or real estate photos. Regardless of the reason, you’re in the best of hands when you choose Kelley Sweet Photography.

Owner Kelley Jensen’s slogan, Deliciously Stylish Photography, sums up her approach and talent perfectly. Her photos are unique,  artistic works that speak to you and evoke precious memories. Whether it’s a glimmer in someone’s eye, a sublimely illuminated face, or that little slice of time when a flower girl looks up in awe at a tiered wedding cake, Kelley has a God-given gift for capturing special moments that enable you to relive them—taking you back in time, and to all the associated emotions, sights, and sounds.

“I love shooting and always have. Some of my most rewarding experiences are working with people who don’t feel photogenic, and then watching them actually enjoy the session and come back again to have more photos taken,” Kelley says. “Giving people an opportunity to see themselves from a different perspective—and to see the way other people see them—is an amazing feeling.”

Kelley’s work reflects her years of experience (26 to be precise!) as well as her passion for photography. In elementary school, she was the kid with her mom’s Vivitar camera and flash cube. In high school, she was the girl with the Canon SLR taking pictures of the band. She studied photography in college, then moved to L.A. where she lived for over a decade. While there, she honed her  craft and made a name for herself. Her clients included celebrities, rock bands, and people from all walks of life and professions.

A native Houstonian, Kelley returned to her Texas roots to raise her family. After her youngest child started school, she began to focus more of her energy back on photography.

Kelley enjoys shooting for Living Magazine and meeting local business people. “Their leadership, entrepreneurship, and passion for their work is inspiring, and it gives me an opportunity to meet remarkable leading women of the  community,” she says.

As the lead photographer for 80s In The Sand—a destination event in Punta Cana with a week’s line-up of iconic 80s hosts, actors, and bands, such as  Loverboy (whom she’s pictured with), Berlin, Animotion, and more—Kelley stays plugged into the music scene. “My years in L.A. have stayed with me in  this sense,” she says. “It’s so much fun, and the bands and celebrities are there all week hanging out with event goers.”

As far as the future goes, Kelley plans to expand her business further into area events, and work with destination management companies throughout Houston.

Kelley and her husband, Shane, are the proud parents of three children, ages seven, 11, and 12. “I’m blessed to have an amazingly supportive husband who enables me to be a freelance photographer and a stay-at-home mom,” Kelley  says.

Original article from Living Magazine – June 2018

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