Getting Ready for Your Portrait Session

Getting Ready for Your Portrait Session

Looking your best for your portrait photography session makes a huge difference in how comfortable and happy you will be with the results.  Here are a few tips on how to prepare and recommendations on what to wear.

To get the best results from your portrait photography session, here are some quick tips on what to wear:

Wear solid colors

Clothing with logos or wild patterns can create confusing photos. Try not to wear light colored or white clothing.  If you’re wearing business attire it’s fine to wear a white or light colored shirt or blouse under a jacket or sweater.

Clothing appearance

Keep your clothing from wrinkling consider dressing when you arrive for your session. Check clothing for fading. The lighting for your portrait session may reveal faded fabrics and clothing more than you wish.  A great reason to get a new outfit!

Avoid unsightly issues

Avoid the layered look which creates a bulky appearance in your portraits.

Hide the straps. Do a spot check to ensure that undergarment straps aren’t visible.

Bare arms may draw unwanted attention to them in your photos, so take that into consideration before wearing sleeveless shirts or blouses.

Never let them see you sweat.  Men in particular should wear an undershirt that isn’t visible at the open neckline.

Grooming and makeup

Your friends and family will truly appreciate the real you in your photos, so please avoid wearing excessive makeup.

Treat yourself to a manicure, with light or neutral fingernail polish.  Try to avoid bright color that might get too much unwanted attention in your photos.

Men should shave relatively close to the portrait session.  Even a few hours after shaving facial hair can be visible, however give yourself enough time for any nicks to heal completely before your session starts.

Tweezers are your friend.  Use them to remove any unwanted stray hairs from your eye brows, nose and ears.

Groups and Couples

If you’re posing as a couple or a group, avoid wearing the same color clothing.  The same shades could appear too ‘matchy’ and cause ‘blending’ with others wearing the same coordinated outfits.

For couples portraits, dress as if for a fancy cocktail party.

Men should wear a collared, button-down shirt with a sports jacket and slacks or dark jeans.

Women usually find that sundresses, cocktail dresses, or skirts with a blouse work best.

Women and men should both wear nice shoes that are not flip flops, sandals (for men) or athletic.

Avoid khaki or cargo pants, baggy clothing, shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweats or jogging suits, and leggings.

Prepare for the outdoors

If your portrait session is outdoors, have a backup outfit.  You’ll probably move from your starting point which doesn’t give you a lot of time to change clothes.  If you wish to wear multiple outfits during your session, talk to your photographer about extending your session by a half hour to allow you time to change.

If you’re going to be walking on the ground or grass, high heels will sink.  Consider wearing wedges.  You will also probably be walking a bit to pose in the best spots, so please wear comfortable shoes.

Talk to your photographer

Talk about your wardrobe choices with your photographer.  Most photographers will happily work with you and share their opinions based on their experience and familiarity with the location you’ll be having your photography session.

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